vrijdag 13 april 2012

Modern Milwaukee Brace

This girl has both scoliosis and kyphosis. Her magnificent brace has all the pads conceivable.

A modern Milwaukee brace featuring a Plastazote girdle and the bite saving throat mold.

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  1. I am not convinced these braces are as effective as the old style stretchers. The patient is not as stretched as with the old style braces. Besides that it allows the patient to turn her head from the throad molt, developing a crooked position again.
    At least it could have been provided additional outriggers, from neck ring to cheekbone on each side. Keeping the head positioned above the neck ring, making sure the patient stands straight and stretched.

  2. Peter, just look at the outriggers on the first picture, pushing her shoulders back! Do you think, just because she has the standard '2 fingers' space between her chin and the necking she can slouch? I see no way...
    My brace has no outriggers like hers, still no way for the 'crooked position again' just because i can turn my head almost freely. The neckring is always 'there' constantly reminding me to raise my head.

    The old school brace makers thought the patient had to be stretched passively, that is by forces applied by the brace to the body. You can see the result in 'Dental Connection' section. Early brace wearers paid the price for the important knowledge: the brace won't correct your curve on long term (though your posture definitely looks straight while actually wearing it), however the brace is effective to stop the curve growing bigger. Afaik this is true regardless the braces tries to stretch you or not: in fact it's enough to keep you in a corrected position. It's even better if you are constantly forced to *actively* straighten your spine, by raising your head. The neckring makes sure you never ever forget that.


    Ps: by the way, the 1st picture is my 'favorite' Milwaukee brace picture, as it shows every possible 'features' of this 'magnificent' brace.

  3. Milwa, I agree that the girl on the first picture due to the outriggers against her shoulders has no oppertunity to slouch. But when such outriggers are not there, there is indeed much possibility to do so. Most of the modern brace allow turning the head away from the neck ring!
    With the old style braces this was not possible. And besides that they also offered the oppertunity to set the chin pad that high, the patient was almost forced to look up. This may look unnecessary but was quite effective in stretching the patient. You can try for yourself; if you raise your chin as high as possible, you will feel automatically how your back straighten and your shoulder move backward.

  4. hi Peter,

    if you just look the lateral view on the 2nd pic you'll see the neckring is not horizontal, rather it starts to 'elevate' very soon. actually, where the throat mold ends, it's almost as high as the mold. say, just 1 cm extra freedom.

    though, i do not want to convince you:
    if you had a milwaukee, you would have already tried :)


  5. gosh, why do i want to be her…?